Agriculture Projects


It’s the 21st century and farming has moved on from methods used in ancient times when farmers used to ‘plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land’ and wait for it to be ‘fed and watered by God’s almighty hand’. Now we have a new era of efficiency and precision commercial farming and agricultural experts have worked out how unskilled people can implement precision farming on a micro level! No huge machinery and vast fields are needed. Just a fork, a watering can, the right seeds and a little applied effort on small chosen sites can feed a lot of hungry mouths over a period of a few months. 

In 2023 we know the importance of domestic vegetable gardening to feed families at a fraction of the cost of bought veggies. We also have a generation of savvy women and youth who want to profit from gardening in tiny home gardens. They don’t want to waste time and effort on using outdated methods to plant the wrong types of seeds in the wrong sites. That is why Ranyaka community activation working with Nedbank Proud of My Town are today doing a training workshop in Mbombela Kanyamazane on how to use the Laeveld Agrochem & Agricult Sure seasonal Home Garden Pack to grow seasonal veggies for home use and profit.

The compact winter seasonal home garden pack will produce 2 rows of cabbage, 8 rows of onions and 5 rows of spinach within 15 square meters. It also has 5 bonus types of seeds for those with enough space to plant kale, radishes, beetroot, carrots and turnips. The secret of making profit from a limited quantity of seeds in a small space is to use the spacing strings and guides provided in the pack to space seeds at the optimum growing distance and at the right depth. The rows must also be correctly spaced for growth and access for watering and weeding. The instruction leaflet sets this out in simple text and diagrams but impoverished people with little education in English find it preferable to receive practical interactive instruction and guidance on how to use the pack. 

The majority of course-goers have the disadvantage of using impoverished ground that cannot feed growing plants and yield quality crops from years of erosion, nutrient leaching, crop removal, soil mining. Laeveld Agrochem & Agricult Sure have foreseen this challenge and includes tiny packets of nutrients in the Home Garden Packs. Trainees are shown the right type of soil in which to plant their seeds and taught how to prepare their vegetable gardens’ soil before planting their seeds. Planting technique and after planting care are also vital elements of training. After four hours of training and with all the necessary knowledge and practice completed, a new generation of precision farmers can go home and create food gardens with confidence that they know what they are doing and how to take this precision technique forward with future crops. It’s tech for the 21st century climate change and is what people need to farm in tiny spaces today!

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