The Cradle Of Community Kindness

Magaliesburg Business Forum (MBF) holds an annual Magalies Rocks the Cradle Festival at the end of August .

The Magalies Development Initiative (MD) established 2013,  is involved in this festival to promote Magaliesburg tourism and business. In 2018 the MDI local Project Manager is co-ordinating a joint Church & Community Bazaar at the Hartleys Estate on the R24, where all recognised churches and congregations, as well as other charitable instances in the community will have the opportunity to get involved in fund-raising activities in a sociable setting. By bringing these diverse players together, we intend to Rock the Cradle of Human Kindness in Magaliesburg.

We hope to have stalls that, among other items, provide festival-goers with:

Fresh Farm Produce

Fresh Meat (Beef; Pork; Chicken; Game; Crocodile; etc)

Dairy Products (Milk; Eggs; Yogurts; etc)

Fruits & Vegetables (according to the season)

Ready-to-Eat Meals


Still under discussion: One or more of, but not limited to, meals such as Curry & Rice; Hamburgers; Boerewors Rolls; Roosterkoek; Skilpadjies; Sosaties; Corndogs; Samoosas;...

Beverages (Coffee & Tea; Colddrinks; Bottled Water; etc)

Snacks (Potato chips; Popcorn; sweets; ice creams; candy floss; etc)

Home Crafts

Home Bake (rusks; cookies & biscuits; bread; cakes; tarts; koeksisters; etc)

Preserves (pickles; chutneys; jams; conserves; etc)

Handmade products (sewing; embroidery; knitting & crochet; etc)



Potting Soil & Compost

Garden Decor

Seeds, seedlings & Springtime Advice

Our aim is to create a communal setting, where guests can browse, shop and relax. There will be a designated tea-garden area, where guests can enjoy their purchases (meals/snacks/beverages) in a country-setting.

MDI has been to brain-storming meetings with the MBF and other role-players in this event, and we understand that there will be, in some form or other, more stalls like those mentioned above, but also possibilities (not confirmed) of:



Live entertainment (eg clowns)

Haunted house

Hosted Workshops (arts & crafts; cooking; etc)

Large Agricultural Equipment Show (Industrial Farming Equipment) with Photo Opportunities 

Vintage Photo Booth


Handmade Crafts (Development Initiative)

Agricultural products

Leather Goods


Steel Works

Other Arts & Crafts

To get yourself or your organisation involved please contact :

Ryan  |  083 324 2651  |

Salomien |  071 885 7040   | 

Johan Olivier  |   |  082 787 7713

Sonya Olivier  |    |  082 302 3886